Viral video of baby Putie on Twitter and TikTok
Viral video of baby Putie on Twitter and TikTok

Viral video of baby Putie on Twitter and TikTok

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Mordagor.comViral video of baby Putie on Twitter and TikTok. The Video of Baby Putie wearing a pink hoodie went viral on social media and circulated links on Twitter.

Baby Putie Viral is known as a beautiful woman from Malaysia. Awek Malaysia, who is often addressed on social media, is known to have interesting videos while wearing a pink Hoodie.

However, in this media monitoring, there have been no videos that lead to negative things such as those attributed to netizens on social media platforms.

this viral Telegram Baby Putie video is back in circulation and evokes social media, the characteristic of sticking out the tongue.

Video Baby Putie Viral

Netizens were curious about the figure of a woman who became the next trending search topic. From this media monitoring, Baby Putie’s viral Telegram video and Twitter link were seen on the upload of one of the Tiktok accounts.

Top Tiktok account uploads related to Baby Putie’s name are liked by 5000s of netizens. But it is not yet known for certain whether Baby Putie went viral in the search search trend this week.

Based on the upload of the @ nusantele Tiktok account, it looks like a beautiful woman in a hijab with the description of Baby Putie’s name.

“Baby Putie #fyp #videoviral # dhizuka_8 # telegram #fake # alfake #fakesituation # warning # for adults.

In the video, the woman poses by sticking out her tongue.

Different poses

There are 3 different poses of clothes, but all the poses of a graceful woman sticking out her tongue.

No other information was uploaded by the tiktok account, but various netizens responded to it in the comments column of the uploader.

@ hmm: Green Mountain wrapped around who,
The sky is covered with clouds,
Mankind has forgotten,
Dare to challenge God.

  • @ Qb: is it 1.11 minutes ?
  • @ MJ: I’m not looking for the owner.
  • @ picon: charming pink hoodie resistant pod.
  • @ MH: I’m glad I found the link.
  • @ P. S. remember the Muslims!! There are several species of animals that mate during mating.. Don’t you want to be like that animal guess what animal?.

Tiktok Baby Putie Viral Tele

Furthermore, on this monitoring media, one of the other Tiktok accounts also uploaded This viral Baby Putie activity.

This beautiful girl with the characteristic of sticking out her tongue is known as a girl who comes from neighboring Malaysia.

“Episode 1, tongue play buddy, fyp, videoviral awekmalaysia, tiktokMalaysia, jedagjedug, babyputie,” wrote the caption of tiktok account @girlmalaysianeditz, (02/04).

At the beginning of the upload video, it appears that a beautiful woman sticks out her tongue many times.

Furthermore, in the upload of the account, the beautiful woman can be seen wearing a black hijab in the car.

The Upload from the account to date has been liked by 57.6 thousand netizens and 643 netizen comments.

This is information related to the viral Telegram Baby Putie Video that is hot on social media platforms lately.

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